Retail is an ever-evolving maze of merchandise and personalities. With changing technologies and cheap parity products flooding the market, finding success takes experience, foresight and connections. Enter Proper Fools. 

Fueled by grit and a fun-loving creative edge, owners Heather and Tim Ellis continue to build brands and relationships from LA to NYC and beyond. There’s an art and a science to it all, which starts by identifying each client’s unique space in the retail world. 


Every brand has a personality that reflects the people behind it. Which is why we take the time to understand a client’s vision. At Proper Fools, providing highly-personalized service is in our DNA. And we have the frequent flyer miles to prove it. 

Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand or reinvent what you do, our consulting services will help you navigate the retail supply chain every step of the way including:

• U.S. trend analysis

• Logistics – from creation to delivery and customer service

• Marketing and communications

• Referrals 

• Sales agency for brands